Complete Roadmap For ReactJS

ReactJS Complete Roadmap

Gaurav Koli
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Here are a complete roadmap to master ReactJS to make your UI work more easy. This is the Roadmap I followed myself to learn. Hope you will love it. Please read the complete blog to understand everything you need to learn ReactJS.

  • What is ReactJS ?

React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. The ReactJS framework is an open-source JavaScript framework and library developed by Facebook. It's used for building interactive user interfaces and web applications quickly and efficiently with significantly less code than you would with vanilla JavaScript.

  • Why to learn and use ReactJS ?
  1. Simple to grasp workflow for the developer.
  2. You can use ReactJS with flexibility with any UI project.
  3. There are lots of components we can reuse to make our work easy.
  4. High performance reinforced by Virtual DOM.
  5. The powers of Flux and Redux.
  6. Vast community and market-defining resources.
  7. Unique React hooks.
  8. JSX syntax for extended HTML.
  9. Extensive toolset available.
  10. The powers of React Native.
  • What to learn before React ?



Before learning React you need to have some basic knowledge about HTML. learn most used tags and semantics in the HTML.

2) CSS


CSS is best language for designing, when it comes to CSS the scope is very vast, learn some points given below :

  • Basic Selectors
  • Pseudo-Classes
  • Box Model
  • Flex-Box
  • Grid
  • Positioning (Relative/Absolute)- Units (px, em, rem, vh…)
  • Responsive Design

for designing UI we have more libraries like react-bootstrap, tailwind css, material UI. But understanding of above topics will help you to custom your design.

3) JavaScript

source- google

JavaScript is one of the most trending scripting language & we are using it in almost all web applications. JavaScript is quit vast. It is best for you to learn JavaScript as much as possible to write better code and to get started with React below topics must be covered :

  • Basic Syntax
  • Events
  • Let, Const
  • Template Literals
  • Arrow Functions
  • Spread/ Rest Operators
  • Object / Array Destructing
  • Class & Objects
  • Module Imports/ Exports
  • Promises, asyn/ await

4) npm


You should be aware of how to use npm to help you run and test a ReactJS app locally.

5) Git


You must be aware of how to use basic git commands so that you can clone a repo and can perform basic operation like commit, push, fetch…

React- Beginner Level

Beginner level phase is the most important phase, as it will give you the fundamentals of the language. These are foundational pieces, so make sure to give enough time and hands-on efforts to truly understand the concepts.

Beginner level ReactJS map

React- Intermediate Level

In this phase, you will start focusing on the completeness of the application. So use all your concepts that you have learnt along with this and solve coding challenges.

Intermediate level ReactJS map


Now, it’s time to learn about the ecosystem of the ReactJS.

Ecosystem of ReactJS

Hope, this will be helpful to learn about ReactJS. If you find this helpful give claps and follow me for more content related to programming and web development. If you have any queries write in comments.

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