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7 Factors On Which Highest-Paid Freelancers Focus

Gaurav Koli
3 min readSep 29, 2023
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Many freelancers, but very few, make lots of money through it. If you want to be the highest-paid freelancer, focus on the factors I will discuss. If you mind all of them, you earn more than now. Please follow all of the given tips and read the whole blog.

1. Getting Started

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Everyone starts freelancing to earn lots of money. The main point of the best freelancer focus is not money; it focuses on their clients and providing them with high-quality work. Yeah! A great freelancer always focuses on the results rather than making money.

2. Investment

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A great freelancer invests time and money in learning the best and highest-paying skills. They invest lots of time learning and trying their best to improve themselves daily.

3. Money Mindset

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Freelancing could be more fun than your daily job. No, I’m not saying you quit your job and start freelancing. It can be your side hustle, too. Many people do freelancing as a side hustle. Money mindset can differ for every person. Yeah! There is a lot of money in it. You have to shift your mindset about money. If you do freelancing with all your skills and provide high-quality work to the clients, you will earn more than your job.

4. Stop Being a Jack Of All Trades

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The biggest mistake every freelancer makes is being multitasking. It would be best if you only focused on your only niche. Your multitasking can badly affect your work. If you work on multiple projects, you will be exhausting yourself. Don’t try this to earn more. Stop being the jack of all trades; focus on one niche.

5. Marketing Yourself

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You will not make it even if you’re a skilled freelancer and nobody knows you. To get clients, you must start mailing your clients, start posting on your social media account, and cold DMs. It would be best if you created your presence to get trusted clients.

6. Portfolio

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Having a fantastic portfolio to get multiple premium clients as a freelancer. If you have a very great portfolio, clients will be attracted to your profile. Through your portfolio, clients get ideas about your work experience and can understand how skilled you are.

7. Make $ not ₹

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To be a great freelancer, you must focus on dollars instead of rupees. Try to reach out to international clients. International clients pay more than Indian clients, but don’t directly ignore them; do some work for Indian clients also. All the best for your freelancing career.


Freelancing these days is tough now, but focusing on these factors means one must make money freelancing.

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