How to Start Freelancing and get clients early

How to start freelancing ?/ How to get clients for freelance work?

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Freelancing can be a great source of revenue if you start with the tips mentioned below. Here are the tips that helped me get freelance work in less than a week as a beginner. I want to share them to help you kickstart Freelancing. I struggled a lot to get my first work, and if I have to start again, I'll surely follow the given tips.

  1. Pick A Skill/Niche You Will Love To Do.

You must start by picking up the skill you love most or the skills in significant trends like web development, graphic design, chatbot development, video editing, copyrighting, etc. Work hard on your skills and be super professional in it. After learning the new skills, do some projects and add them to your portfolio so clients can understand your work.

2. Create A Portfolio.

If you are new and don't have any experience, the best way to get it is either doing lots of projects ( like if you are a web developer, then you can create your site to give your information or create clones of the Netflix, Facebook or Twitter websites. ) or working for free on freelance sites for 4–5 clients. Your portfolio is everything to get selected for the work. Work hard on it and do quality work for your clients. Keep improving and learning about your skills.

3. Create Your Presence.

After doing projects and working on some projects, I get client reviews. Studying will help you to get more projects to work on in the future. The review will also give you more reach in your niche, and your presence will be created in the freelance community.

4. Create Your Offer.

Decide what services you will offer your clients, study your clients about their professions and charge them accordingly. Study other freelancer freelancers' demands and then set your capture of how much you wish to get paid for your work. After selecting the charges, only negotiate with the clients if you provide them with quality work.

E.g.For example, if you are a web developer, you can charge hourly, or if you have fixed your charges, they offer more services, simple and premium.

5. Set Your Charge.

I would never charge hourly would charge hourly if I had to blame for my freelance work. Let's set per project. If you are a beginner, you can start with $10 or $15.

6. Set Work Terms.

Before starting your work for the client, you should make your contract and always charge in advance for sureness. I highly recommend the following terms to mention in Your agreement.

  • Duration you need to complete the project.
  • No. of samples you are going to offer ( If you provide simple and premium services, you have to give more examples to your client in premium sample)
  • Payment terms
  • Termination Terms
  • Ownership rights
  • Signature (Optional)

7. Reach Out To At Least 10 People Every Day.

Your social media account is not only for posting shit every day. You can use social media to post about your work and get clients through dm's (direct messaging) or cold emails. I highly recommend LinkedIn or Twitter to get your clients. Message them about your work and charges, send them your portfolio as work samples, and make sure you are the perfect one.

8. Follow & Calls.

After reaching out to your client, follow them and send them emails and cold dm's and If you can, have a direct call with them so you can explain your work directly to that person. Be presentative and speak with confidence. If you have recommendations, mention them or send the past work samples you've worked on. Aim to get responses from all of your messaged clients.


In conclusion, My colleagues and I use these ways to get clients early on every freelancing platform. If you want to get spotted by the clients, these are the strategies you can use in your further proposals.

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