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Sources to learn anything for free.

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There are lots of resources to learn. You don’t have to pay to learn. You can learn anything, anywhere, just for free, through the internet. Even if you don’t have a college degree, to learn whatever you want because there are no limited sources on the internet today. There are lots of platforms to learn. Here we will discuss some critical platforms to learn anything for free without wasting money. Stick around the blog, and please read everything. These are the source I also used to educate myself on specific points.

1) Youtube

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There are millions of free courses available on youtube. Choose what you love the most. Youtube is the biggest platform to learn anything you want. You don’t have to pay for learning. You can learn any language you want for free without going anywhere; just by having an internet connection at your home, you can start learning anything. Over 1 billion videos are watched daily on Youtube, which is why it is the most excellent platform. Many skilled teachers can teach you; some are masters in teaching and have fun with their teaching styles. They won’t make you bored as your schools or college teachers do.

2) Udemy

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Udemy has 50 million registered users. This is one of the best platforms to learn for free. There are paid courses at affordable prices as well; you can get them if you want a certificate of learning. There are lots of free courses available on Udemy. You can find skilled people here to learn from, with over 250k courses available on this platform in different categories. You have to pick your skill and start learning it. Have fun learning.

3) FreeCodeCamp


FreeCodeCamp is an organization which conducts free resources to learn about the technology. If you love to learn any technical skill, you must try FreeCodeCamp. There are also lots of free courses available on the FreeCodeCamp to learn for free. You will get the best teachers to learn from here. Even the people who master a skill will be teaching you on this platform. It is the best learning platform for people who wants to work in tech companies. You can learn any skill from here without paying a single dollar.

4) Coursera

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One of the most trusted and with great content, this is one of the best platforms to learn anything for free. Most technology giants conduct courses like Google, IBM, and other significant industries. The quality of the content is also excellent. You will gain the skills through the courses, which you can apply to get a job or do your startup. It conducts both free and paid courses as well.

5) edX

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edX has over 300k learners per day. One of the best institutions to learn skills from the best industry teachers for free. Here are the courses conducted by the best institutions like Harvard, Berkeley, Boston and Massachusetts. You will learn from the most outstanding teachers of all time. Without attending college, you can do their courses for free. There are over 2k+ highly contented courses available on this platform. You can learn future technological skills here to be demanding to get a job quickly.

6) Sololearn


Sololearn certificates are valid and can be used in your resume because they let your potential employer know that you completed a solid course in programming disciplines. You can get certificates for free in some courses. The expert with real-world practice designs the courses on Sololearn; You can also practice your skills on this platform. Sign Up and start learning for free.

7) W3schools


W3Schools is optimized for learning, testing, and training. Examples might be simplified to improve reading and basic understanding. It is a web-based web-based learning platform with great content in a reading format. You can get notes for your course here. Learn anything for free.


Free resources offer many opportunities for individuals to learn new skills and acquire knowledge in various subjects. For instance, free online courses and tutorials provide a structured and comprehensive approach to learning, covering a range of topics from beginner to advanced levels. This allows individuals to learn at their own pace and according to their interests and needs.

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